GTXPRESS101 - Gt express - peeling

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I purchased the red, basic model of the gt express electric cooker after watching the infomercial many times.I liked the things it could make & was at first very happy with this product.

But...The "non-stick" coating began peeling almost immediately. I only used the tool it came with & cleaned gently per the instructions. I am now afraid to use it, as the metal (maybe lead?) is exposed. It certainly is no longer "non-stick"!

and possibly dangerous.

It's now another piece of worthless junk for the landfill.I was considering buying my mom the new model with all the inserts, but now do not trust this product, as it seems cheaply manufactured.

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GTXPRESS101 - Shipping/Handling Charges

Reston, Virginia 1 comment
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This isn't a true complaint, but an observation about XPRESS101.They are offering a so-called 2for1 deal for their product.

Sounds good until you get to the S&H charges, then they really stick it to you. The S&H fee is an additional $49.50. Yet if you order it from another on-line catalog, S&H is only $7.95 ( WOW!!!

What a rip-off.

I am going to try various other on line catalogs to try and ascertain the differences.

Then I will send them to Xpress101, although it wii probably do no good.But I will NOT buy this product.

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Middle Village, New York, United States #683632

:( You are so right!!!Taht 2 for 1 deal???

They do get you with the shipping and handleing.

I could imagine if you bout 2 sets what the prices would be???I think they should re-think what they offer.

GTXPRESS101 - Unsatisfied consumer

Chicago, Illinois 1 comment
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I am extremely dissappointed in this product.Like so many other consumers I fell for the commercial hook, line and sinker.

When I received the product I did not use it for several weeks due to some personal family problems. When I did use it I felt it was not as easy as they so advertised and it took a lot longer to cook the food as advertised and it wasn't as easy to clean up as advertised. This lady is a millionaire due to consumers that believe her acting ability. I called the 800 hundred number and the call was outsourced to some lady in India that was extremly rude and that I could hardly understand.

Anyway, she told me I couldn't recieve a refund because I waited so long to call and complaine. I don't remember every seeing anything about a time frame in which to return the item.

I threatened to call the Better Business Bureau and she said "alright, go ahead"....What!!!If that's the way they want to do business, I will go on every website that I can and complain about this product.

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Incomplete order.I don't received mini pan (free bonus).

Please sent as possible you can.

Thank.PO Box 4539 San Sebastian, Puerto Rico 00685

GTXPRESS101 - GTxpress 101 rip-off

San Francisco, California 2 comments

I bought two units -used one a couple of times and noticed that the teflon coating is peeling off even if i use the provided spatula.then i open up the other one and finds out that it had scratched teflon as well.

so i called the company and what do they say? sorry mam but we can not refund your money! they offered a replacement unit but wanted me to pay for shipping - what a scam!

don't even think of buying this product - or you'll be pissed as well

the advertisement says money-back guarantee yet they don't honor this claim.

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Cripple Creek, Colorado, United States #20148

After seeing the infomercial several times I finally decide to go to the website to but the GTXpress101 and while I was placing my order I was offered an upgrade to the deluxe along the original unit and a free original size unit.Once I open the box I see I received 5 of my 6 free gifts, one deluxe unit, and one original unit.

I immediately called the company about my free unit and at first they did not even know of the deal I was talking about.Once I explained their deal to them I was told that "when I go get a drink and get it larger that I shouldn't expect the little drink too." Finally he tells me that in order to get my free unit I have pay $55 or so and I respond "how are you suppose to get a free unit for $55." This is false advertisement with claims of a free unit once you upgrade :( :x :?

Idyllwild, California, United States #13804

I tried ordering a unit from the website in doing so i realised there was an error with the exp date for the card.So i pressed back and make the changes then proceed with the order.At the end i relised that the quantity was changed to 2.

I tried looking for cancel and realise there is no option to do so. I opted for going back again and realise that the quantity is now changed to three. I think that this is a rip off and dont see why the quantity changes if you did not do so.

I think that this is a way for you to end up with more than you actually want and end up getting more money from you.This is a real low down scam!!Please do not get caught into this...Do not I repeat Do not Order this product!!!

Gtxpress101 I ordered it and never got it.

San Rafael, California 1 comment
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The product was never delivered to me.The company says I picked it up on 3/5/08.

I never got it and I'm not happy with them. I called the company and was told that it was picked up on 3/5/08. I want my money back. The company says the product was mailed out on 2/27/08.

I never got this even though I paid for it by money order. Be careful, if ordering, I have my money order receipt. I won't order from this company again.

They have a funny way of running a business.

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Marble Falls, Texas, United States #9801

I, too, ordered the GTXpress101 over 1-1/2 months ago and they keep saying they sent it but it "must have gotten lost" so I keep calling.They sent a tracking number of "0" so it couldn't be tracked and they never stated said which company is the shipper.

When I try to check the latest shipment (ha ha) it can't be tracked. When I try to cancel they say it's been shipped again on some made-up date they happen to pick out of the sky. I called American Express and put a "fraud alert" on the transaction. The company (not Amex) already took my money but haven't shipped.

I finally got one of their people to allow me to cancel but she didn't give me a return number. She said to refuse the shipment when it comes or take it to the post office to send it back but I'm sure they haven't even sent it yet.

This company is stalling me and has for quite awhile.Buyer beware.

GTXPRESS101 - The GT Xpress is not as advertised.

Odessa, Texas 2 comments

The four (4) items I ordered are faulty.The inside of the units have peeled, and the lead is all that is left.

I gave them as gifts, and have been so embarrassed. I would like my money back, as advertised!!!! I will not pay to ship this MESS back. I would suggest that you only sell the cook book suggestion and recipes to the unsususpecting public.

At least they have some good ideas and even pretty pictures to add some respectability to your product.

Maybe Google will not get rid of your product, but they certainly should do it.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love my xpress ready set go!


I ordered the gtxpress and paid for them 2 or 3 months ago. Please send them.

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